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There is no month passing without at least 10 events - this is how we work at M3 Communications Group, Inc. and our partners and clients know that they can rely on us anytime they call us. Business conference, press event, media breakfast, launch of a new product/service, CSR initiative, concert, team building, etc. - our team provides a full scope of services in event management and will take care of everything in the most professional way.

More about M3 Communications' Event Management projects find here.


  • Project administration and financial management;
  • Program development and speaker management;
  • Sponsorship sales, support and fulfillment;
  • Registration management and support;
  • Event branding and marketing;
  • Event communications and promotion;
  • Print production and management;
  • Social event planning;
  • Event production and AV coordination;
  • Logistics & operations management;
  • Post-event evaluation