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M3 Ambassadors

M3 Communications Group, Inc. has the ultimate pleasure to present you our great M3 Ambassadors - our clients, partners and colleagues, the people who have been inspiring us for the last 25 years of experience in the world of communications.

We made this special selection in recognition to all of them to say "Thank you" for being a part of our prosperous development and supporting us become what we are today - real professionals.

  • Alan Levy

    Alan Levy

  • Alan Ogden

    Alan Ogden

  • Aleksandar Aleksandrov

    Aleksandar Aleksandrov

  • Andrew Laurence

    Andrew Laurence

  • Anka Kostova

    Anka Kostova

  • Anthony Hassiotis

    Anthony Hassiotis

  • Athanasios Pantazis

    Athanasios Pantazis

  • Barbara Harrer

    Barbara Harrer

  • Boyko Satchanski

    Boyko Satchanski

  • Brigitte Streller

    Brigitte Streller

  • Cesare Valli

    Cesare Valli

  • Desislava Lazarova

    Desislava Lazarova

  • Desislava Panteleeva

    Desislava Panteleeva

  • Dora Strezova

    Dora Strezova

  • Ekkehard Neureither

    Ekkehard Neureither

  • Eli Egosi

    Eli Egosi

  • Evangelos Lytras

    Evangelos Lytras

  • Francois Salomon

    Francois Salomon

  • George Roussos

    George Roussos

  • Georgi Sechkov

    Georgi Sechkov

  • Georgi Veltchev

    Georgi Veltchev

  • Grigor Gorchev

    Grigor Gorchev

  • Hristo Iliev

    Hristo Iliev

  • Iravan Hira

    Iravan Hira

  • Ivan Todoroff

    Ivan Todoroff

  • Ivan Vassilev

    Ivan Vassilev

  • Ivanka Velkova

    Ivanka Velkova

  • Kamelia Ignatova

    Kamelia Ignatova

  • Katia Naydenova

    Katia Naydenova

  • Kiril Nikolchev

    Kiril Nikolchev

  • Krassimir Katev

    Krassimir Katev

  • Lars Erik Gronntun

    Lars Erik Gronntun

  • Lyubomir Spassov

    Lyubomir Spassov

  • Maria Shishkova

    Maria Shishkova

  • Martin Zahariev

    Martin Zahariev

  • Maya Gerasimova

    Maya Gerasimova

  • Miglena Semerdzhieva

    Miglena Semerdzhieva

  • Milen Veltchev

    Milen Veltchev

  • Milena Trapcheva

    Milena Trapcheva

  • Niki Kunchev

    Niki Kunchev

  • Niki Tzavela

    Niki Tzavela

  • Nikolay Petrov

    Nikolay Petrov

  • Peter Dyakov

    Peter Dyakov

  • Peter Puntchev

    Peter Puntchev

  • Radka Tontcheva

    Radka Tontcheva

  • Renaud Chamonal

    Renaud Chamonal

  • Roocky Liu

    Roocky Liu

  • Sanja Burg

    Sanja Burg

  • Silvia Peneva

    Silvia Peneva

  • Solomon Passy

    Solomon Passy

  • Sotir Nemov

    Sotir Nemov

  • Stelios Koutsivitis

    Stelios Koutsivitis

  • Stiliyan Vatev

    Stiliyan Vatev

  • Takashi Koidzumi

    Takashi Koidzumi

  • Valeri Zapryanov

    Valeri Zapryanov

  • Vasil Pavlov

    Vasil Pavlov

  • Vasko Raichev

    Vasko Raichev

  • Vesey Crichton

    Vesey Crichton

  • Vessela Ilieva

    Vessela Ilieva

  • Vincent Dujarden

    Vincent Dujarden

  • Violeta Bogoslovova

    Violeta Bogoslovova

  • Vladimir Karolev

    Vladimir Karolev