Digital Marketing

M3 Communications Group, Inc. has more than 15 years of experience in the social media field, which currently expands into broad digital marketing campaigns.

The company transmits the know-how on the development of communications on the various platforms from their initiation and rapid expansion on the international and local market to the latest top trends for content creation, audience engagement, brand awareness and sales.

M3 Digital Marketing & Campaigns team is responsible for the strategic planning, positioning and development in the digital world of various companies, brands, projects.

Its services include: creative online solutions & formats, competitive analysis, targeting, copywriting, visual storytelling, content creation, native visuals and video, scheduling & publishing, advertising, influencer marketing, community management, crisis communications, consulting, reporting.

And they expand further to email marketing, Google Ads campaigns, blogging, vlogging.

More about M3 Communications' Digital Marketing projects find HERE.

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