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Our key strength comes from the experience, proactivity and enthusiasm of our team. Meet the Board of the M3 Dream Team of professionals!

Svetoslava Nedyalkova

Svetoslava Nedyalkova

Member of the Board
Public Relations Manager
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Svetoslava Nedyalkova has been part of M3 Communications Group, Inc.’s team since 2017. Currently, she holds the position Account Manager at the Client Services Department and is responsible for the overall communication strategies and activities for several leading local and international clients.

Svetoslava has started as an Account Assistant back in 2017 and worked her way up through the company to become a valuable project leader. On her career path, she supported the team and led dozens of challenging large-scale campaigns for clients of various industries, including creative projects for global FMCG leader Danone, international public affairs campaigns for the European Commission, and local launch campaigns for the tech giants Facebook and Huawei. Svetoslava holds an MA degree in Corporate communications, Marketing and PR from the University of Leeds, as well as an MA degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen.