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A Changed Tradition

A Changed Tradition

M3 team changed the tradition of going around the globe on Friday and did a Russian tour on this working Saturday.

Did you know that Russians are the only ones to have territory that includes 12 seas? The area of Russia is bigger than the one of Pluto.

As Bulgarians have long history with Russian culture we felt familiar with listening to Russian music, tasting traditional dishes, especially dumplings, vareniki and the (French) Russian salad.

It is quite interesting that the famous in Bulgaria Russian salad is actually a French one - Olivier, named after the chef Lucien Olivier who created the 'secret' recipe around the mid-1800s.

The best thing about our little tours worldwide is that we gather round the table to discuss current projects and share team spirit.

And as a favorite Russian writer said: 'If you want to be happy, be.' - Leo Tolstoy