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It Feels Good to Do Good!

It Feels Good to Do Good!

1000 new oaks planted in a day! This may sound impossible to you but when a good cause is the motive, everything is possible. The impressive number of new trees “were brought to life” as part of Citizen Day 2018 – the great volunteering project of L’Oreal, organized in Bulgaria by M3 Communications Group, Inc. for a 9th consecutive year.

Citizen Day is held all over the world as a day of community volunteering that enables L’Oreal employees to devote an entire work day to a good cause and become actors in social responsible and environmental initiatives.

This year Citizen Day was green, productive and so, so inspiring! The team of L’Oreal Bulgaria, supported by NGO Gorata.bg, the local Forestry and M3 team, did a really amazing job. They forested one big empty area near Zheleznitsa village with 1,000 trees with the hope one day for it to become a green oasis where their children will have a picnic or just a fresh walk.

They say a man has not lived, if he has never planted a tree.
Well, M3 team can proudly state: “We feel alive!”