23 Years Old + 40 Years Experience

23 Years Old + 40 Years Experience

A great atmosphere and team spirit spread around at the M3 office. The reason was very special - the birthday of the heart and the soul of the company - Maxim Behar. And as we all know there are billions of people in the world but only one of a kind Maxim – our Maxim!

Besides all the gifts, warm embraces and kind wishes, the great #M3DreamTeam prepared a fantastic red code decoration for the morning welcome of Max as well as an inspiring video and one of a kind birthday cake which definitely made the moment unforgettable.

Not to mention the thousands of emails, calls and letters which were also received as a high recognition once more to the person and the professional – Maxim Behar.

We were happy to celebrate together his 23rd birthday and his 40 years of experience :)

Happy Max Day! Stay forever young, dear Maxim!