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A Journey to Children’s Dreams with Turkish Airlines

A Journey to Children’s Dreams with Turkish Airlines

For a second consecutive year Turkish Airlines has organised a contest for children’s drawings under the tagline "My Dream City with Turkish Airlines". This year nearly 1,000 kids between the age of 5 and 12 participated in it and led by their desire to travel competed for the big prize – round trip tickets to the destination they have painted.

To celebrate their talent, enthusiasm and this very special project, together with Turkish Airlines we have organised an exciting award ceremony that was held at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2. Given the enormous interest in the competition this year, 4 children were awarded at the event and won tickets to their dream cities – New York, Moscow, Istanbul and Tokyo. A unique exhibition with a selection of the submitted paintings was also opened at the airport, so that all willing to enjoy the creative works can do so in the festive season!