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L’Oreal IT Day: All IT Questions Allowed

L’Oreal IT Day: All IT Questions Allowed

Today, daily office routines for most employees worldwide include 90% work with a computer. However, when it comes to basic computer knowledge the levels are low and everyone tends to reach out to the IT guys for everything.

However, there is one office in Bulgaria where this is not so – the office of L’Oreal Bulgaria.  For a second year in a row M3 Communications Group, Inc. had the challenging task to help L’Oreal with the planning and execution of an internal communication campaign – called L’Oreal IT Day, with its peak being a one-day IT training where all IT questions were allowed… and answered.

Thanks to all day long interactive IT lectures, fun tech demonstrations, group activities, VR and Q&A battles, we can proudly say all L’Oreal employees now have the needed computer knowledge in order to face daily IT problems on their own.