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See The Unseen with Honor

See The Unseen with Honor

The top innovative and leading smartphone e-brand HONOR has launched its latest flagship smartphone, HONOR View20, for consumers worldwide.

At the announcement event held in Paris, HONOR highlighted five world’s first features of HONOR View20, including: smartphone 48 MP camera, 25 MP in-screen front camera, 7 nm Kirin 980 AI chipset, AI Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi technology and the aurora nanotexture design.

The event was attended by the Bulgarian brand Ambassadors - the famous singer Dara and top vlogger Emil Conrad, along with a selected number of local journalists in the high-tech, IT and telecom fields.

Along with the HONOR View20 presentation, the brand announced its key collaboration with the iconic Italian luxury fashion house Moschino to create an exclusive Moschino-inspired product range, including a limited-edition Moschino co-designed HONOR View20, Moschino embossed phone-cases and specially designed handbags.