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25 Is The Hottest Age This Year

25 Is The Hottest Age This Year

M3 Communications Group, Inc., the leading Public Relations Company in Bulgaria, introduced a brand new hot logo in the company's distinctive color, red, to mark its 25th anniversary.

25 is a great age. You are young, active, creative, full of energy and ambitions, you have exciting dreams to pursue and a whole life ahead of you. That's exactly how we feel being in the business for 25 years - in our best shape, fiery, focused, determined.

25 years is a period of one generation and we have done a lot for that time. We grew with every project that we brought to life, with every client, every piece of experience and we are eager to face the new challenges ahead.

This is only the beginning and the best is yet to come, so hold on tight and get ready for extraordinary business, lavish celebrations, fun games and memorable events, because we will be on fire this year.