Class and Sophistication Beyond Imagination

Class and Sophistication Beyond Imagination

An exclusive royal exhibition is the latest successful project of M3 Communications, Inc.

Princess Miriam de Ungria, wife of the late Prince Kardam and daughter-in-law of HRH King Simeon II, presented her new handmade jewelry collection MdeU: Beyond imagination in Paradise center.

Princess Miriam is a famous jeweler and gemologist. This is the second exhibition that M3 Communications, Inc. holds for her, the first one being in 2017. The opening was marked by a press conference, followed by a cocktail. The princess surprised the guests by greeting them in Bulgarian. She answered questions and gave more details about the different collections and what inspired them.

Many representatives of the Bulgarian elite came to personally congratulate the royalty and enjoy the beautiful selection of jewels. Among the special guests were HRH King Simeon II and HRH Queen Margarita as well as the Vice President of Bulgaria, Mrs. Iliana Yotova.

The event aroused serious interest and was widely covered by the media.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until Sunday, 21st of April. They will be able to meet the princess in person and talk to her.