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Say YES to Outdoor Activities with the New Danonino

Say YES to Outdoor Activities with the New Danonino

Danonino presented a new line of dairy products, suitable for outdoor consumption. The innovative design of the delicacy allows your little one to play outside while having a healthy snack near at hand.

The new product comes in 3 different flavors – strawberry, banana and strawberry and vanilla. It can be kept up to 4 hours out of the fridge and fits perfectly in a pocket which makes it even more comfortable for both the parent and the kid. Furthermore, it comes with a cap, so once opened, it can easily be closed again and saved for later.

To promote the campaign, M3 Communications, Inc. came up with an idea just as exciting and innovative as the new product. The PR agency surprised top influencers with little kids with boxes so huge they were hard to go through most doors. Once opened, a big balloon pops up out of the box, full of pouches and brightly decorated in the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday. A picnic blanket was added as a special gift to the families to inspire them to spend more time outdoors.