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Know You're Right

Know You're Right

In M3 Communications Group, Inc. we know our rights and so should you! That’s why the #M3DreamTeam teamed up with the European Commission for their campaign YourEURight, which aims to educate the audience about the actions one should take in an unexpected situation during a trip.

Summer is the season of holidays, hence it is the perfect time to start Your
EURight initiative. According to the researches, many people, especially from small towns are unaware of their rights when it comes to traveling – only 30% of them are prepared to react properly when unpleasant circumstances occur. By providing more information on the matter, the campaign helps the users gain more confidence and thus grant their safety.

The start of the campaign was marked by a fabulous lifestyle event that took place downtown Sofia. #M3DreamTeam took care of the details and the delightful atmosphere and the special guest – Master Chef Sevda Dimitrova,
prepared amazing culinary masterpieces. The event was attended by the most popular bloggers and influencers in Bulgaria and was covered widely by the media, which turned it into another success for M3 Communications Group, Inc.