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Brave, Bold and Beautiful – Dara and her Honor 20

Brave, Bold and Beautiful – Dara and her Honor 20

The Bulgarian top pop singer Dara chose the amazing Honor 20 to be her partner in crime in the video for her summer hit DARBIE. True to herself, Dara shows her wild side and captures each moment of her adventures with her latest generation designer tech gadget.

The song is already a total number one hit on the biggest TV and radio stations in the country, having more than 3M views on YouTube. In the video, Dara transforms into a badass superhero that preaches feminism and girl power. Honor 20 suits her wildness with its innovative holographic design and bold sapphire blue color. Besides from being a true jewel, Honor 20 shows some character in technical aspect, too. With its 48 megapixels quadruple AI main camera, the smartphone provides incomparable photographic experience. And having in mind the All-view 6.26 inch display and the 4000 mAh battery that will keep you online all day, Honor 20 has all the qualities to become the next summer hit – just like DARBIE.