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CEO of M3 Communications Group Inc., Maxim Behar: About Leaders, Social Media and Happiness

CEO of M3 Communications Group Inc., Maxim Behar: About Leaders, Social Media and Happiness

“I can make from an amateur - professional for 5-6 months, but I can’t make the lazy one - hardworking. I can’t change the schemer into a team player” - says the PR expert Maxim Behar who is CEO of M3 Communications Group Inc., for the series "Important for You" with Niki Kanchev. A leader needs to be honest, loyal and to develop his team in a way that other leaders come out of it as well. Of course, it should not be underestimated the attitude of the employees both to the work and to each of the people who are part of the team. Everyone needs to take a step as well as the manager, meeting somewhere in the middle – then we can talk about a well-organized working process.

In his work with clients Maxim Behar shares that, besides people who fully trust the expert opinion which they will receive from the company, he meets with some who are not particularly aware of the PR business in general. Nearly 5700 projects, which have passed both in M3 Communications Group Inc. and through the eyes and decisions of Mr. Behar, have testified that the experience that the company can offer does not accidentally put it among the best in the industry. Understanding the business Public Relations, what the experts are dealing with and how they can manage social media, are extremely important factors and the M3 team is working towards clients knowing that.

Given the rapid development of social media, we should all be aware of the changes that raise new questions to society. In his book "The Global PR Revolution", Mr. Behar meets the readers with the multidimensional possibilities of social media. He shares that every single person who owns a social media is already a chief editor and can have an impact on hundreds, thousands and even millions of other people. This is a unique opportunity if you take advantage of it intelligently and you have something catchy and interesting to present to the audience.

What is important no matter the case is to be beneficial to ourselves and society. Happiness is the secret ingredient that unites everything around us. It is essential that we are happy at work, with our families, with the people who surround us, with those with whom we share our most precious time: "A great leader is the one who creates new leaders. When I see so many of my colleagues with whom I work taking independent and professional decisions, having in mind that with some of them we have been working for 15 years so far, it gives me great pleasure and makes me professionally happy." - with these words, the PR expert concluded the interview.