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Maxim Behar: Be Aware of Fake News During a Pandemic

Maxim Behar: Be Aware of Fake News During a Pandemic

“There is no universal formula on how to recognize fake news, there is not even a specific formula on believing one or other news, no matter if they are semi-fake or completely fake. We need to check correctly the information from several sources and be very aware and careful.”– a professional opinion given by the PR expert and CEO of M3 Communications Group Inc., Maxim Behar. He pointed out that the verification of information using several sources, as well as a real insight into the situation, excluding panic and anxiety, are the key to recognizing fake news.

Behar believes that during that period it is important we all get good and timely information. He welcomed the headquarters, the Medical Council and the premiere as well as all of the people thanks to whom information comes to us – even at the risk of hearing about COVID-19 all day long. The expert believes that the risk of being unaware is much more serious and the consequences can be critical. In 2020 the Social media are stronger than ever, and there will always be someone who can interpret the situation by themselves, deceiving and confusing many. That’s why it is important to have people with their faces and authority who will stand behind the responsibility of their own words.

Responsibility and honesty are important in the PR business as well, currently providing unique opportunities for development and change. Maxim Behar does not hide his satisfaction with the speed and adaptability of his colleagues, who see the exceptionally favorable chances for advancement in the profession. Now that the work is done in a completely new way, the so-called "Home Office" way of working, it is much easier to become aware of things that we could hardly notice in the hectic everyday life in the offices. The PR expert Maxim Behar mentions lots of times that the situations in which life puts us are the greatest teachers. Now, more than ever we all need to think about our lessons and plans for a better future. 


Taken from Bulgaria on air Friday evening talk show with Ganela Angelova, March 2020

Full video you can find here: https://www.bgonair.bg/a/2-bulgaria/189628-falshivi-novini-po-vreme-na-kriza-tryabva-da-proveryavame-nyakolko-iztochnika?fbclid=IwAR3DuYdqhpllVw3YmkGaESUfikYiY2eoBtnR5jJE6oLfre_zMHrkFp-0Yak