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Maxim Behar: "Those Who Want to Succeed Have to Adapt Quickly to the New Life”

Maxim Behar: "Those Who Want to Succeed Have to Adapt Quickly to the New Life”

"We all are changing not only the communications – the business environment is also transorming and we need to be very careful and adapt to it, so that we can succeed" shares Maxim Behar, founder and manager of one of the leading Bulgarian PR companies - M3 Communications Group Inc. In the interview he stressed that it is important to take the positive outcome and transform it so that to have a better-functioning businesses.


Mr. Behar shared that we will probably make a good balance only after the crisis has passed but this should not stop us develop in such conditions because they can provide unique opportunities that would otherwise hardly be a fact. With a reference to the past - the crisis of 2008, he carefully examines what is common between the two situations, commenting mainly on the fact that now people will think even more, and this will inevitably lead to more successful development in both business and self-consciousness of man. Of course, the Crisis PR management requires many qualities such as preliminary preparation, the ability of the PR expert to detect the problem and solve it quickly, and why not simulate crisis situations – that is a practice in the office of M3 Communications Group Inc., which leads to good crisis research, which may be a real fact in the future.


To have a preliminary preparation and to see all your mistakes is what matters in such situations. Panic and fear are not good advisors, Mr Behar believes and shares his opinion that the information that comes to us is a lot and anyone can get from it what is necessary. It is a fact that even education is undergoing positive changes because of the online conversations that have become everyday life in recent weeks. The business also takes advantage of this opportunity – before, in order to organize one meeting, dozens of hours of preparation were needed. Now with just one conversation in Zoom we save both time, unnecessary resources and energy. In this sense, Maxim Behar believes that the crisis is an opportunity for those who are adaptable and ready for change.



You can find full video here: : https://www.tvevropa.com/2020/04/koronavirusat-krizi-vazmozhnosti-uspehi-i-provali/?fbclid=IwAR2YtoY9Cf4GfF4ICNE3bUFd3nwWVISUAJtuRTnv1buQ9ltUEr76SR3sxBE