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Maxim Behar: "There Is No Shortcut to Success"

Maxim Behar: "There Is No Shortcut to Success"

"There is no elevator to success, you need to climb the stairs" – this inscription grabs the eye when entering the building, where the company of the Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar is housed.M3 Communications Group Inc., has one important rule – to have the desire and ambition to climb up. This can only happen if you have the sparkle in the eyes, nothing more. It is the light in the eyes of a man that shows the ambition, motivation and the want to succeed and develop.


For those who believe and seek success, it is typical to be ready to seize the moment, holding their lamps always lit. This is how it happens with Maxim Behar who was called by a large American company that wants to invest in Bulgaria. In the middle of 90 years in Bulgaria the PR business was barely starting to develope, but just at that time Mr. Behar created an advertising agency and began dealing with the art of PR, which today has nothing to do with its previous appearance. Business with market relations, investments, foreign companies and everything else are undergoing changes at a very fast pace. Not to mention the change in the ownership of the media, which is totally turning things upside down depending on how we look at it. However, one thing does not change – the obligation of every one who deals with this type of business to be precise to the truth.


"In the upcoming 10 years, the so-called public communications will completely pass into the field of social media and our work will be mainly related to the creation of good texts, instant reactions and we will be more likely to rely on artificial intelligence" says Maxim Behar, who likes to pass on his knowledge. Simultaneously with the business, he also invested in education, creating 15 years ago a college for modern PR in Bulgaria. He believes that for a few months he can transform an amateur to a professional, but cannot make the lazy - hardworking. That’s why in one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, he relies on the sense that has built over the years. His advice to the students oriented to this field is to take advantage of the opportunities for real practice, because it is through them that they will be able to acquire quality knowledge and skills. Let's not forget that a short path to success does not exist!


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