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Let’s Talk about PR during COVID-19

Let’s Talk about PR during COVID-19

It’s been almost 2 months since our team started working at full speed from home. Although our office is unusually empty and silent, everything else is still the same – the enthusiasm, the creativity, and the quality with which we serve our clients. Certainly, our passion for PR hasn’t changed, either. That is why every day we strive to improve, learn, and analyze the current trends.

In order to discuss the development of the PR business during the coronavirus pandemic, we organized an online discussion with a very special guest – Jason Frayne, Senior Vice President EMEA at Hill+Knowlton Strategies. It is one of the largest PR corporations in the world with which М3 Communications Group, Inc.has been partnering for 20 years. Jason is not only a good friend of our company but also an experienced PR expert, possessing in-depth knowledge of a number of markets. All of this is a guarantee for a fruitful and interesting discussion.

We talked about the pandemic’s impact on the PR industry and how communications are changing. We shared ideas on how to be more efficient in our work and how to support our customers in overcoming the difficult situation. In the end, we united around the opinion that challenges will only make us stronger and much better professionals!