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Standing Ovation for Gorgeous Poli Genova and Her #1 Concert

Standing Ovation for Gorgeous Poli Genova and Her #1 Concert

One of the most successful Bulgarian performers and our personal favourite Poli Genova blew up the stage of the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv with a unique spectacle. With her #1 concert Poli celebrated 30 years on stage, and some of the most popular musicians in our country, such as Vladi Ampov-Grafa, Lubo Kirov and Koso Tsekov from the FSB, as well as the Israeli musician Barak Biton, joined her live. Impressive was both the talent and the physical form that Poli demonstrated with dancing and made the audience demand encore twice.

In addition to the spectacular and handmade costumes, Poli Genova presented her first duet song with Lyubo Kirov and delighted the audience with live performances of her top hits, including "LAST NIGHT", which became the most listened song on the national air in 2021, "If Love Was a Crime, "Stubborn", as well as her latest single "No more", which made fans erupt from dancing and emotions.

It was a true pleasure for the M3 Communications team to be the communication partner of the event and to become part of Poli's big dream come true. The best for her and her huge talent is yet to come, we are sure and we are here to support her in the future!