M3 Communications Group, Inc. Becomes the PR Partner of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

M3 Communications Group, Inc. Becomes the PR Partner of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), which is the oldest scientific institution in Bulgaria, chose to collaborate with M3 Communications Group, Inc. for its annual PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) campaign. The Academy announced the official admission of full and part-time doctoral students for the academic 2021/2022 for the period of two months and will present over 130 programs in 9 scientific fields, and doctoral graduates at the Academy will receive a diploma that is recognized and highly valued around the world.

Our team is honored to support BAS for its further development and coordinate the communications behind this important project including the admission of new candidates and making sure all the Academy’s news reach out the most respected and current media in Bulgaria.

As an official PR partner, M3 Communications Group, Inc. is responsible for presenting some of the most successful scientists in the ultimate innovative areas of research to both local and foreign audiences in ways that can attract the attention not only to people who follow scientific topics, but to individuals interested in various fields. M3 team’s creative jedi’s provide all Academy’s social media channels with great visuals, created by our graphic design specialists with key messages.

The idea for the collaboration was finalized after an extremely productive meeting between our executive director Mr. Maxim Behar and the Academician Julian Revalski, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

„We are beyond happy to be the main supporter for the annual doctoral program of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Each day, BAS is becoming an increasingly innovative space for conducting research and implementing projects, and we want to communicate their success with the general public. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with the Academy.“, comments Maxim Behar, CEO of the company.