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ORBIT® Strives to Get Peoples’ Ding Back!

ORBIT® Strives to Get Peoples’ Ding Back!

M3 Communications Group, Inc. continues to bring fresh ideas behind the campaigns of Mars, one of the largest food producers in the world, which continues to be the market leader in Bulgaria thanks to the world-famous brand Orbit, part of the company's portfolio. Although the pandemic had a serious impact on the chewing gum sector, Orbit managed to maintain its position at the top and inspired Mars' new campaign - "Get Your Ding Back", which aims to bring back the confidence and the positive mood in people after the difficult times we have faced.

To support the campaign, M3 Communications Group, Inc. presented a complete fresh concept for the campaign in Bulgaria, which at the same time combines the positive colors behind the Orbit brand.

Our team prepared special handmade gift packages for influencers and media, which contained many surprises and three of the latest fresh flavors of ORBIT® Refreshers chewing gum - Bubblemint, Peppermint and Spearmint Green.

We are thankful to Mars for trusting us again and we look forward to many more fresh moments together!