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L’Oréal Launches Massive Sustainable Campaign “Beauty4thefuture”

L’Oréal Launches Massive Sustainable Campaign “Beauty4thefuture”

M3 Communications Group, Inc. boasts numerous successful PR campaigns and events for its long-term client L'Oréal - the leading beauty company with more than 100 years of history.

This October, our team launched L'Oréal's corporate communications for their new massive awareness campaign in Bulgaria on the importance of sorting and recycling of used cosmetics packages. In cooperation with the Austrian recycling company Hamburger Recycling, L'Oréal launched the website beauty4thefuture.bg, which aims to educate how to properly sort and recycle used cosmetics packages to preserve our planet.

As an official PR partner to the beauty leader, M3 Communications Group, Inc. will be the driving force in the new „Beauty4thefuture“ campaign and we cannot wait to inspire more people to start sorting and recycling their used cosmetics packaging together. And why move on to all waste at home!