First M3 Expert Talk with Dr. Alexander Simidchiev

First M3 Expert Talk with Dr. Alexander Simidchiev

M3 Communications Group, Inc. launched one-of-a-kind online series M3 Expert Talks - meetings with professionals who can share professional opinions on contemporary topics and public debates.

The team was delighted to host its first meeting with pulmonologist Dr. Alexander Simidchiev, one of the best specialists in diagnosing and treating lung conditions in Bulgaria, who competently and logically answered all our questions related to the pandemic and COVID vaccination.

During the meeting Dr. Simidchiev presented to us valuable information about the health situation in Bulgaria, what are the good practices we can apply in the fight against Covid-19, personally and publicly, as well as the problem of growing misinformation on the subject and the lack of adequate communication campaigns.

Dr. Alexander Simidchiev is a specialist in lung diseases, internal medicine and health management, with extensive experience in academic, hospital, outpatient, commercial and medical affairs roles. He was a chief physician at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Canada. Dr. Simidchiev works at the Central Clinical Hospital at the Medical Institute of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia, head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics. He is also the Medical Director of the Center for Electronic and Distance Learning at the Medical University in Plovdiv. He has an active position on the topic of environmental protection as chairman of the Air for Health Association. He is the creator of the first in our country web-based course Digital Medicine. He is also candidate for MP from the civil quota of Democratic Bulgaria and former Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee.

You can watch the whole video here.