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Expert Talk with Dr. Boyan Maystorov: Public Оpinion Must be Based on Research

Expert Talk with Dr. Boyan Maystorov: Public Оpinion Must be Based on Research

The main reason some people are hesitant to get vaccinated against Covid-19 is the misinformation circulating online about vaccines. That's why our team at M3 Communications Group, Inc. decided to invite Dr. Boyan Maystorov to one of our online series Expert Talks to share his opinion and facts about the pandemic situation in Germany, how they have managed to fight the virus, and what are the latest research and data on the topic.

To this day, Dr. Boyan Maystorov has a long clinical practice in the Covid-intensive care unit of the Werner Forssmann Krankenhaus in Brandenburg, Germany, as well as exceptional theoretical training on many issues related to Covid-19 and the vaccines. With the beginning of the pandemic in the hospital where Dr. Maystorov works they opened an intensive care unit (ICU) for patients with coronavirus and a total of 3 peripheral units for the treatment of such patients, however in the summer of 2021 these units were closed due to the already minimum number of Covid infected.

The professional path of the 35-year-old Dr. Maystorov started in Sofia, where he graduated from the Medical University and started working as a resuscitator in Pirogov Hospital's neurosurgical resuscitation until 2015. After that he specialized in Germany and did an internship at a local hospital in Graz. In 2017, he moved to Werner Forssmann Krankenhaus, a central hospital in Brandenburg, named after German scientist Werner Forsmann, who invented the heart catheter while working there, and then won the Nobel Prize for this discovery. In March 2021, Dr. Maystorov successfully passed the exam for the specialty of anesthesiology and intensive care.

You can watch the whole video here.