Power Talk with Solomon Passy

Power Talk with Solomon Passy

As part of M3 Communications Group, Inc. - the leader in communications, we are honored to continually meet new successful people from whom to absorb new knowledge and useful practices to complement our competencies in all areas. Some of these people have become our partners or colleagues, even close friends for life.

One of the people we have the pleasure to meet more often is Mr. Solomon Passy, Founder and President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bulgarian scientist, innovator, and one of the inspiring speakers of TEDx. In addition, Mr. Passy has been a proud member of the Advisory Board of M3 Communications Group, Inc. for several years.

This week in our Power Talks series, he was our guest again, and the current topics we discussed were mostly related to political issues and possible future outcomes related to the performance of the new government of the Republic of Bulgaria. The tensions between NATO, Russia, and Ukraine were also discussed at length by Mr. Passy as he is a man with many years of experience in this field and a good knowledge of politics and history.

Of course, we also commented on COVID-19, a topic that really cannot be ignored given its huge impact on our lives and daily activities over the last two years. Mr. Passy put forward his point of view and offered a competent solution for controlling pandemics in the future.

To learn more on the topics, watch the full video here.