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BTL Industries' Innovative Steps to Success

BTL Industries' Innovative Steps to Success

M3 Communications Group, Inc. is proud to have successfully implemented the first-ever Innovation Medical Aesthetic Forum, organized at the initiative of our long-time client BTL Industries. A company that never stops evolving in the manufacturing and marketing of electronic medical equipment to offer the most efficient and quality technology.

At the event for innovation, latest generation technology and never seen before devices, BTL Industries presented its diverse portfolio of products and among the attendees were the most successful Bulgarian gynecologists, dermatologists and cosmetologists.

The company's Clinical Director, Tomas Boleslavsky, revealed the world's most popular trends to doctors and aestheticians from all over Bulgaria and gave guests the opportunity to actively participate in live demonstrations.

M3 Communications Group, Inc. is pleased to work on the organization of such exciting projects. We are sure that after this success, BTL will continue to surprise its audiences with more interesting ventures. We can't wait to see what our next challenge will be together.