New Service: International Companies Can Subscribe to Daily Political Analysis in Bulgaria

New Service: International Companies Can Subscribe to Daily Political Analysis in Bulgaria

M3 Communications Goup, Inc. just launched a new service, which for sure will be absolutely beneficial to all our clients. Political environment in the country is too shaky recently, also in the region and we are sure that all businesses must be fully aware on a daily base what are the latest news and also – trends.

This is why HeadLine Ltd., the leading media monitoring and analysis company, part of M3 Communications Group, Inc., is now providing the new service of Daily Political Analysis in Bulgaria. All international clients of the company can subscribe to a daily newsletter that will guide them in the dynamic political environment in the country and be used as a basis for strategic business decisions.

"Given the dynamic political environment in Bulgaria, it is important for us to keep our clients well informed. Every political move at this stage is extremely important and needs to be well monitored. With the upcoming elections and the series of crises that Bulgaria is going through, daily political analysis is a right and responsible choice that facilitates the process of making important business decisions," said Nadezhda Dimitrova, Managing Director of Headline.

For credible, accurate and objective political analysis, the Headline team uses online media as its main source of information. The company relies on an extensive resource of qualified specialists and innovative working methods to provide up-to-date and selected information to its clients.  

HeadLine is a company with leading positions in the field of professional media monitoring on the Bulgarian market for more than 15 years with a large client base of international and Bulgarian companies. HeadLine offers intelligent services in the field of media analysis and monitoring, tailored to the needs of the client, their interests, requirements and standards. The company provides professional bilingual services (Bulgarian and English) covering all national and regional print and online media, radio stations, TV channels, social media, as well as event or crisis monitoring.