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L'Oréal Citizen Day - 13 Years Doing Good!

L'Oréal Citizen Day - 13 Years Doing Good!

We had the pleasure of organizing the 13th edition of L'Oréal Citizen Day, a day of the year that all employees of the cosmetics company dedicate to supporting a good cause by volunteering.

This year, the L'Oréal Bulgaria team held this year's Citizen's Day at a refugee accommodation center in Pernik, Bulgaria. The centre was renovated and refreshed by the volunteers, who also managed to improve the yard and outdoor space around the building, creating better conditions for temporary accommodation.

In just one working day, the employees of L'Oréal and M3 Communications managed to completely change the atmosphere of the centre and took part in activities such as repainting the fence of the centre, landscaping the yard and refreshing the outside areas. We had the chance to discover real stories from Ukraine residents and help them feel welcome in our country.

Thank you again for the trust and opportunity to organize this day and help those in need!