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Science of Тhe Sea Film Premiere is Now a Fact

Science of Тhe Sea Film Premiere is Now a Fact

The official premiere of the documentary film “Science of the Sea” took place this December in Sofia. The project is created by the idea of the Institute of Oceanology of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and with the help of the production company BeardFrost. The movie aims to reach a wide audience from children to parents, elderly people and institutions, with the message that it is people who must take care of the sea every day. M3 Communications took the cause personally and organized the official cinema premiere, as in order to transport the guests to our beautiful Black Sea, we prepared a themed maritime event with many official guests, media and representatives of the scientific community.

“Science of the Sea” movie focuses on four vital themes: pollution - a danger that threatens the Black Sea, biodiversity that we are trying to preserve, the state of coasts and beloved beaches that we are fighting to protect from unreasonable redevelopment, and the countless treasures hidden on the seabed.

The project is really great, the people behind it are talented professionals, so we are convinced that many more successes are ahead of this film! Stay tuned.