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The 7th WIZZ Aircraft Arrived in Sofia

The 7th WIZZ Aircraft Arrived in Sofia

Great news for our beloved pink customer – the airline is basing its 7th WIZZ aircraft at Sofia Airport. Its official welcoming was more than exciting.

The team of M3 Communications Group, Inc. organized a special event, which aroused the interest of many journalists. They had the opportunity to go to the airport apronwhere we all welcomed the aircraft together. The official guests of the event – Evelyn Jackel, Acting Network Officer, Wizz Air, and Jesus Caballero, CEO of Sofia Airport, together with the cabin crew and the WIZZ Ambassador, Radostina Antonova, took part in this special moment. The media press conference also highlighted the benefits of adding a 7-th aircraft to the localbase: more job positions, multiple travel options, greater customer convenience.

Another leading news for the Bulgarian market was the launch of two new WIZZ routes from Sofia to Hamburg and to Stockholm. We don't know about you, but we're already planning a trip!