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Maxim Behar "bought" former Minister of European Affairs Gergana Passy

Maxim Behar "bought" former Minister of European Affairs Gergana Passy

Numerous celebrities and business people were auctioned during a charity gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Sofia. The joint initiative between Teach for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) aims to raise funds to improve the quality of education in state schools throughout the country. Over BGN 35 000 were collected as a result of the charity auction. Maxim Behar contributed to the initiative by "buying" the former Minister of European Affairs Gergana Passy to deliver a 2-hour lecture at M3 Communications Group, Inc. 

“For me this initiative is of great importance; that is why I have decided to participate in this auction for the second year in a row. There is a huge need for change in the education system in Bulgaria and I believe that such initiatives will bring us a step closer to its improvement”, said Maxim Behar.

This year’s auction was opened by the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, who is also a patron of the initiative. The raised funds will be used to ensure access to education for every child in Bulgaria. 

The auction’s success was guaranteed by the commitment of the members and friends of BBLF. The guests bid for two hours of the time of some of Bulgaria’s most popular and inspirational celebrities and business people: actors Hristo Mutafchiev and Kalin Vrachanski, BBLF Board Members Maria Shishkova and Maxim Behar, pop star Ruth Koleva and actress Lili Maravilla, the British Ambassador to Bulgaria H. E. Jonathan Allen and the President of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria Solomon Passy, magician Astor and basketball trainer Rosen Barchovski, BBLF Deputy-chair Zoya Paunova and TV host Evelina Pavlova, Olympic champions Maria Grozdeva and Magi Maleeva, violin player Hari Eshkenazi and banker Levon Hampartzumian, enterpriser Tzvetan Lajanski, and the former Minister of European Affairs Gergana Passy.