M3 Social Media Projects of 2015

M3 Social Media Projects of 2015

Social media is the way the modern world communicates, shares, relates. This is why M3 emphasizes on its social media services of great value, high reach and positive interaction. Here is the list of our Top 15 Social Media projects in 2015.

    - The joint project with United Bulgarian Bank and the National Museum of Natural History was highly appreciated due to its uniqueness as the first for Bulgaria Facebook application the participants in could learn more about animal diversity in Bulgaria;

    - Due to hard work, creative ideas and well-developed campaigns M3 managed to position the BILLA Facebook page under №3 in SocialBakers.com for Fastest-Growing Retail Pages in Bulgaria, as we keep its place for more than a year;

    - United Bulgarian Bank reached the second place in the finance sector according to Social Bakers;

    - Huawei is among Fastest-Growing Brands Pages in Bulgaria for the last 3 months;

    - More than 8,000 people “captured the light” and took part in our Huawei summer game. In order to promote the new flagman of the brand -  Huawei P8 we created a special Facebook application where each participant should upload a picture of the light, captured with his phone/camera, etc.;

    - A year after its creation BILLA Facebook page reached 100,000 fans, as it was one of the fastest-growing retail pages according to SocialBakers.com;

    - The Facebook page of the first of its kind Yogurt Festival in the Rhodope mountains managed to reach more than 480,000 people just for two weeks and engaged 4,000 Bulgarians with the Bulgarian traditions. In addition we organized a special photo contest with more than 800 participants;

    - The strong Social Media strategy for promotion of the ninth edition of the National Literature Contest RAZVITIE for unpublished Bulgarian novels. Just for a few months more than 4,000 Bulgarians became active part of our community;

    - The Facebook communication strategy for the national hydration campaign H2Obicham managed to reach more than 300,000 people. By now it's the most famous Bulgarian Facebook page related to hydration;

    - The Facebook page of Hepi li si? - awareness campaign for Hepatitis C, generated more than 20,000 likes for less than 6 months and the publications reached over 200,000 people;

    - As one of our long-term clients, Danone trusted us to create and implement a special social media strategy for Activia. Our team of social media experts managed 4 campaigns for 3 months by increasing the reach of the page with almost 30% as we increase the brand awareness for the new products with 25% with 0 budget.

    - Our Social Media team created and managed a brand new informational campaign named Donate Your Breath launched before the World Pulmonary Hypertension Day. During the campaign we educate more than 10,000 people who take some action and became ambassadors of the cause;

    - Just a year after its official launch, our client Mega Mall's Facebook page became one of the most visited pages of a Bulgarian mall. Our team managed to provide with added-value content, interesting promotions and interactive games. For that time our publications reached more than 1,000,000 Bulgarians and engaged them with daily activities and games. More than 100,000 people took part in our games, with more than 200,000 likes, comments and shares.

    - Our team is responsible for the maintenance of the Social Media channels for pCloud as one of the greatest campaigns during the last three months was our Christmas campaign – Santa Cloud. It increased the brand awareness as well as the number of customers;

    - Varna University of Management is the only active Bulgarian university on Instagram with more than 300 followers. Also we launched a special Insta rubric for foreign students and everyone who wants to learn some basic Bulgarian words and phrases.

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More interesting projects coming soon!