M3 Graphic Design Projects of 2015

M3 Graphic Design Projects of 2015

The way we graphically present our ideas is the way we share our dreams. The M3 team knows that and presents to you the best creative approach which came to life in 2015. Here is our Top 15 Graphic Design projects.

    - The M3 Graphic Design Department created the whole design concept of the joint United Bulgarian Bank and the National Museum of Natural History project;

    - 2016 was marked by the intensive creative work of our graphic department on all Mega Mall Sofia branding and campaigns. There were banners, flyers, billboards, concerts and many more in this project;

    - The design masters of M3 created the brilliant logo and visuals of H2Obicham – the hydration awareness campaign that truly succeeded in promoting the importance of regular water intake;

    - The Yogurt Festival was organized for the first time in Bulgaria and it was more than successful. We mastered the logo and all the supporting visuals on the event;

    - Our Graphic Design Team also worked on all 17 editions of GeoZone – the official journal of the Bulgarian Association for Geotechnical and Tunnel Construction (BAGTC);

    - Our PR and Design team worked together on the Activia Fashion Show where we presented 14 beautiful dresses and promoted the Activia new challenge;

    - Together with United Bulgarian Bank we have selected some of the best pictures made by talented Bulgarian photographers. The idea behind the 2016 calendar is: United in new beginnings, in joy, in change, in dreams, etc.;

    - Santa Cloud is our favorite XMAS project – he is so sweet and is a part of our most innovative client pCloud's Christmas Campaign;        

    - Our long-term client TNT Bulgaria celebrated its 20th anniversary in December. We have created a logo on the occasion, wishing them a bright and successful business future;

    - The national campaign Hepi Li Si was a great success winning us BAPRA Bright Awards. These letters were everywhere in the city of Sofia, making people get more informed about the Hepatitis C disease;

    - We organized also the official opening of the new building of Hörmann Bulgaria - the leading manufacturer of doors in Europe. The invitation made the difference – we had more than 250 business and media representatives as guests;

    - In the last year we supported African countries presented in Bulgaria for organizing the traditional event – Africa Day in Sofia. We prepared all the creative visuals and presented perfectly the unique African culture in them;

    - Free Wi-Fi in Billa – a campaign that gave the chance to all BILLA clients to use its strong and safe network in all BILLA stores. We did the fresh and undoubtedly creative Facebook leading visual announcing the start of the campaign;

    - We launched a brand new informational campaign named Donate Your Breath right before the World Pulmonary Hypertension Day. The initiative grew into a teaser campaign thanks to the attractive informational structure our Creative Department designed and we placed in the most central and communicative location in Sofia;

    - Be hydrated, stay focused. On the occasion of June 1 we reminded drivers in Sofia about the importance of hydration in an unusual way. We placed attractive printed wheels on their cars saying key facts on regular water intake and useful practical advices.

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More bright ideas are yet to come!