The winners and the whiners

The winners and the whiners

It so happened that we divided ourselves into exactly these two categories. And there are no others. This is the not so sad truth about our modern life.

The successful ones are standing in their offices, and now more and more often in industrial enterprises, working hard to catch up with the lightning speed of time. Then they don't even think about whether they succeeded because they are so busy that they don't even have time for it. It doesn't matter if they have millions in the accounts or are thinking about how to pay their electricity bills at the end of the month through their millions of obligations. However, if they do it, if they sleep soundly and wake up in the morning with the desire to continue, then they have really succeeded.

The others are clear. In the morning they are angry with themselves, in the afternoon with others. And in general - they are just angry. They turn their discontent and laziness into an advantage, claiming that this is how they change the world and drive progress. In fact, they stop it because their discontent produces nothing but toxic environment and aggressive infected crowds, because being a remarkable whiner is just easier.

One or the other?

You choose. But the choice is difficult, it depends on upbringing, energy and goals. The more of the former, the better we will live. In Bulgaria and around the world.