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Someone, somewhere, sometime…

Someone, somewhere, sometime…

In the nineties, there was no such things, but there were plenty of other absurd things. Now, however, what is happening with the Bulgarian media - television and radio channels, and recently even newspapers, is not only absurd, but also shocking.

It occurred to someone that by saying that someone drinks Coca-Cola, they advertise it, and therefore it is best to say that "someone" drinks a soft drink... Or that in Bulgaria, for example, a big investor comes in, leaves several hundred million dollars and the media is afraid to tell his name... Why?

Well, they advertised him!

Now, these are the irrationalities of the Bulgarian media - they are worried about "advertising" goods, brands, even people who sell goods and services. The most scandalous was the case of the Swedish company H&M opening of the first store in Sofia. Out of dozens of reports on TV news, no one understood either the name of the company or where the store was opened...

In this "maiden" concern of the media in Bulgaria, there are two very important and very worrying moments. First, all of us, readers, viewers, customers, have suffered, because this absurdity violates our most valuable right guaranteed by the Constitution - the right to information. And secondly, this is a scandalous precedent that does not exist anywhere in Europe, not even anywhere in the world!

So I don't announce names and brands, and so I don't advertise them - someone, somewhere and at some time, should put an end to this absurdity. Forever!