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Cold, colder…

Cold, colder…

Autumn is coming, and before that - as you well know - it was summer. What comes after autumn, you know even better. And because we are already informed about everything and at any time, we know that in Germany, in Great Britain, in Spain or Belgium... and anywhere else in the world, countries, indeed countries, have taken measures to protect their citizens from the upcoming crisis.

I have always maintained the theory that the state, wherever it may be, should not interfere in business unless it decides to help it. It has a lot to deal with - defense, foreign policy, security and sometimes - when the money runs out - also with finances. But now the money hasn't run out yet, but electricity and gas are on the way to do that, or to finish off their consumers with their prices. Well, in the mentioned countries and many others, the state pays extra for the price differences from before March 1st. That is before the start of this absolutely senseless and terrifying war of Russia against Ukraine. And this is the most normal thing that a country can do - because the topic of security also includes social security, and not just the policemen wearing new uniforms.

Is the state in Bulgaria, to the extent that there is still little of it, making sure that the Bulgarian citizens can fight the crisis in the cold winter months...

You'll guess, won't you? Cold, colder…