“A big ego..." they say

“A big ego..." they say

"They had a big ego" is often said of someone, and it usually means something very bad. So, this person can't be trusted, they are too busy with themselves, they can’t be managers or build teams, sometimes you can’t stand them... But they become politicians.

We are somehow used to politicians being less than their egos. They invite them to television studios, seek their opinion on issues from the repair of agricultural machinery to the construction of roads and training programs in kindergartens. Of course, they will take themselves seriously, especially since you often hear them say: "So many people voted for me, that's why I understand everything...".

The totally imperfect and even counterintuitive electoral system makes it possible for all kinds of people to enter the parliament, most of them by chance. And then comes the ego drama. We saw it these days in the parliament, we saw it in the past... and in all parliaments for at least 30 years.

And so, you know - there is no small or big ego. Everything is inversely proportional to size. It depends on the intellectual size of each person - the lower it is, the easier it is to surpass it with your ego. These two things are inextricably linked, and the problem is that less than 1% of these people are aware of it.

There is no other explanation for what is happening in Parliament. And in all parliaments.