Ask the boss...!

Ask the boss...!

"- Boss, what are we doing now...? The client is waiting for a decision!"

A conversation that can be heard every day in literally millions of offices around the world. Right there, millions of managers are making hundreds of decisions per hour, more and more wrong with each passing day. Everyone expects valuable advice or guidance, but not everyone understands the huge change in the way business is now run.

We really do live in a different world and one of the most important changes is that everyone is now in charge. The one who is now taking first steps in the business and the experienced managers. And in fact, the whole new way of doing business is based on this change.

Social media has given us the ability to know in seconds everything that is needed for even a literal beginner to make a good business decision. And in practice, a manager's job is to teach their colleagues far more carefully and thoughtfully how and where to find the right information and how to analyze it, rather than holding them "by the hand" and giving them the ready-made solutions every day...

"Ask your boss" is now a phrase of the recent past, because ultimately everyone is their own boss and responsible for their own decisions. The rest - experience and analysis, is there in abundance wherever we look for it.

We just have to do it. Every day and every hour.