Talk to the TVs, please!

Talk to the TVs, please!

I have claimed for a long time that Bulgaria is the only country where people actively talk to their TVs. I have no idea why, maybe it's because comments from home were dominant and mandatory under the communism, even before social media. Where else, if not in the living room, where no one will hear you, and you have an image in front of you. Some politician appeared, who annoys you and you start: "You will tell me! I remember what it was like a few years ago, right? You couldn't put two sentences together...!!".

Every time I visit a friend’s house it's still the same to this day. "Get over yourself, when did you enter the parliament, when did you start to understand these things...?" or "We will see what’s going to be like in the next elections”

In all this communication, I have not heard anyone, anywhere address the screen with a single positive word. Aggression is always dominant and somehow the TV is always the place you point fingers at.

In recent years, however, the TVs are probably already bored - the aggression is on social media, and because there the irresponsibility is absolutely uncontrolled, we all witness the uncontrolled stupidity. So, I think that this communication with the TVs should continue, so all this unnecessary aggression will not spread throughout the planet.