You are hired!

You are hired!

She steps forward timidly, dressed well, modestly, and tastefully, holding a biography in her hand that I have already printed and read. She sits carefully on the edge of her chair and in slow sentences tells us about herself - where she graduated, what degrees she has, how her previous job has not given her the opportunity to succeed..., how impressed she is with our company..., and so on.

But we are impressed too, we have several people at the interview, one from each department in the company, to hear different opinions and perspectives. We look at each other approvingly and now we are about to make an offer, when her voice changes, becomes stern, metallic, uncompromising and shoots out short words, almost disconnected.  Double salary, compared to the previous one. Point. Extra bonuses, top health insurance, almost double vacation. Point. One day she'll come into the office, four days she'll work from home. Point. Laptop, unlimited cell phone, and isn't there a car for the job...

Because the change is too abrupt, my colleagues are speechless. But because I know what the market is like these days and how important it is to support young and reliable people, to give them a path in life and to motivate them, I say short and clear: "OK, it's happening. You are hired. But not in our company." Full stop. Life goes on...