Exam in... Schengen

Exam in... Schengen

Bulgaria was not accepted these days in the group of countries that signed in 1985 the Schengen agreement to no longer have bordersbetween them. We are all angry. There is no one who is at least publicly happy. The Eurosceptics are gloating and saying loudly – “You see, nobody wants us except our brothers from Russia”. The Euro-allies grieve and sulk and cannot believe that after more than 15 years of full EU membership, we are still in the waiting room of open borders.

Well, let it be known that nothing much has happened. There are decisions like this - both sides are losers, both sides failed the test.

In Bulgaria, those for whom European values are the only ones that we need to move forward to a better life can only regret that Brussels has refused to us so flashily. Although, in the end, only two countries opposed us, and for purely strategic, not political, reasons. In that same Brussels, however, they also failed their test. Bulgaria would have been much more predictable and stronger within Schengen. But this will happen too. Very soon. Because there are remedial exams. Always in life.