Manage easily

Manage easily

There's an elementary principle that the harder you try, the more what you want to achieve doesn't happen. Of course, it takes effort, of course it takes hard work to achieve your goals, but it also takes organization, predictable successes and failures, and... a lot of calmness. That's what's often missing in the modern management style - composure and a positive outlook on every project we have to do.

Crisis, inflation, war, but most of all, new times and the clash of generations in business are actually the reasons why we often lose patience and try to achieve our goals by means that actually fail them. We often don't understand that tension leads to more tension, chaos without calmness leads to more chaos.

So, my prescription is very simple. For a hotel to be successful, Conrad Hilton had said that it only takes three things - location, location, and location. For business they are just peace of mind and good organization multiplied by three. And then everything becomes far easier.