Left and Right

Left and Right

Often the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I don't know what that's called in medicine, there's probably a term for it. But in politics they certainly call it "government".

One minister is giving countless promises, when actually the Finance Minister has not heard of this project, and has no way of providing funds. The next day, some MP walks to his region and starts shooting down stars from all possible heavens, promising rivers of honey and butter for the people there... But, you see, this particular MP does not have no money in his pocket to give to his region, nor does he have a clue at all whether the government, whoever it is, can afford this expenditure and whether it is on its agenda.

So, apparently, sometimes the two hands in one body can be completely out of sync. It is called "politics", and I have said many times - as soon as possible it should start operating on the principle of a business corporation. There are no elections, there are rarely votes, but there are inexorable laws - one of which is that every person of the company has to be in sync with everyone else. And there is no difference between left and right... hands.