Ah, these media!

Ah, these media!

Great worries, great troubles! Politicians overflowing with insults and arrogance from the tribune of the Parliament and then we all read, listen to and witness how all the blame is being put on the media. Well, honestly there are two types of media. These are the years, for the first time ever in history, when billions of people have the media in the palm of their hands, and in their minds too, so I guess they are indeed obvious and anonymous.

For the first one it is clear who the owner, editor or reporter is, who writes the articles or just shares thoughts in their profile on the preferred media. They stand up with their name, opinion, and position, often ready to defend it at any cost. The other ones are crystal clear - anonymous social profiles, raining with fake news, lies, hiding behind someone else’s identity or just fake nicknames.

No matter how hard we would like to believe that this is just temporary, the truth is - it’s going to be this way for many years. As long as the fake news is not seen as a crime, this could proceed for even decades… So, let’s not put the guilt on the media, but rather on those who still hide behind this opportunity for anonymity.

And let’s respect these media, which continue to express their opinion publicly and with the actual names of their journalists. The rest is… in the hands of the readers.