The freedom on the crossroad

The freedom on the crossroad

If we think a little deeper, it may turn out that in Bulgaria, nowadays the only guaranteed freedom of the citizen, and of the villager, is exactly on the crossroad.

In the office, the boss controls whether and how you work, at home – whether you have it or don’t, your freedom is still limited. You go to the store, someone will always scold you. You go back to your building, a neighbor will growl something, if he greets you at all, right... What about the elections - you like someone, difficult choice, but you still choose the lesser evil, you vote, machines, papers, dark rooms, light rooms... In the end - it still didn't happen your way.

But..., on the crossroad the Bulgarian is the Prime Minister, President and MP all together.

He walks calmly, clicks his phone, sometimes jumps on the zebra out of the blue, brakes squeal, tires shriek. But the citizen and the villager, proudly and slowly pass and do not even turn an inch to see what is going on. And they don't care if they get run over. It's their right, their territory, they will go as they please, if they even decide - they will lie down and take a nap right there. They have the right. By law. They have other rights, but who is paying attention at all?!