And why not with fingerprints?!

And why not with fingerprints?!

I was just wondering why so many staring faces are looking at us from the hundreds of billboards on the streets and I understand that on Sunday we will vote. Not bad. For the fifth time in the last two years. We're certainly headed for the Guinness Book, but more in the unfortunate records.

So, on this occasion, I decided read through what exactly is going to happen on that sacred fifth Sunday, and I got quite confused.

Of course, I love Africa, I love it very much, but what I've read about the most remote areas where there are just a few schools and absolutely no internet at all, apparently, we will apply it in Bulgaria now.

So! We will be voting electronically, as well as with paper ballots, then everything will be double checked, counted by hand, plus photographed with cell phones. On top, a bunch of European observers are landing in Bulgaria, and directly from the airport they are going to the polling stations to check whether someone has cheated.

And that's why I thought. Shouldn’t we leave our fingerprints at the polling stations. For more credibility. After all, we've only lived 32 years in a democracy. Either we haven't learned yet, or we've just overlearned.