Just like home!

Just like home!

I found out recently that for the second year now some super professionals can't lay a hundred yellow pave pieces right in front of parliament. They twist them and pound them – it's all the same mess. If you walk around, in any city, but Sofia is the bright example, you will easily notice the clumsy patching, crooked curbs when there are any, horribly arranged half-broken tiles... Each of you has as many examples as you want.

But be aware this is not without a reason. You walk into a random house of one of famous "workers" and there you see the same picture, only on a smaller, rather domestic scale - messy, uncleaned, broken tiles, the yard is unmaintained and turned inside out.

And everything outside the house reflects what we do at home. That's why each one of us should obviously start tidying up our own house, apartment, or room.

And when our work is public, this is immediately apparent.