Yes, but...

Yes, but...

In the rush of this crazy time of incredible changes, we somehow got used to not listening the person we are talking to but knowing in advance what to answer. We interrupt, don't listen, we are ready with the answer from the first two or three words.

So far so good. In the end, everyone saves their time and only listens if something is interesting. The disturbing and, at least for me, inexplicable is that in almost all conversations we react with denial... Either with "but..." or with "yes, but...". We are ready to argue without even having heard an argument or even having thought it through.

A pre-prepared negative response only burdens us unnecessarily, makes any conversation pointless and counterproductive. Let us first listen carefully to the person in front of us, reflect on his words and only then respond to him. And if there is even one percent sense in his words, it is helpful to start with them first. Otherwise, everything else is just a waste of time.